The 155th annual Antigonish Highland Games

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To Register for a competition please view the registration form under the 2018 Registration Forms tab above. When a Registration is opened it is announce on this page. Dance opened last week, Solo Piping and Drumming and Pipe Band Registration opened May 10th.

Runner participation in the Elite Mile sprint event is by invitation only for the top distance runners from across Nova Scotia and across the country. The race will immediately precede the annual Highland Games Parade on Saturday July 7th, 2018. See the Elite Mile Road Race under the Competition Tag above for more information.

Antigonish Highland Games Pipe Band Registration 2018 is now open. Please click on Pipe Band Registration 2018 to register. You may also locate the registration form under the 2018 Registration Forms Tab above.

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Tickets for A Keppoch Wedding are now on sale. For more information please click A Keppoch Wedding

Information on the 155th Antigonish Highland Games is posted below and under the various tabs on this page. Notices leading to the Games are posted here in the order of the next event. A Family Round and Square Dance will be held this Friday, June 15, 9:00 pm – 12 midnight at St. Mary’s Parish Hall, Hwy 245, Maryvale. Music will be provided by Rodney MacDonald. Tea and sweets provided. The first dance of the season, last Friday, was a great success. The Hall was packed by 9:00 pm and the floor was a going concern all night.

May is
Gaelic Nova Scotia
The Highland Keppoch Hike and
Sealgair an Sgudail (Highland Hunt)
The Highland Society hike. Saturday, May 19, 1:00 pm drew approximately 60 hikers and bikers. Lewis MacKinnon led a toast to the Bard at Alastair Ailein Mhoir – Bard Na Ceapaich, the Keppoch Bard’s stone on the ridge. There was also a great Gaelic verse sung by all who climbed to the ridge. Mairi Parr’s Sealgair an Sgudail (Highland Hunt) had two winners. The feather was the hardest item to find from the fine list of items. While scavenging, cellphones were used to take pictures of all items on the list. Brilliant clues Mairi! Paul’s shuttle to the top of the ridge was perfect. Thank you to all who organized the barbecue. Dara’s fiddle and Junior’s guitar added the finest touch to the Lodge. The facilities are superb, the air was fresh on a lovely, warm day. Alexander MacDonald- The Keppoch Bard was born in Moidart, Scotland in 1819. In 1830, his family migrated to the Keppoch, Antigonish County, NS. He became one of the outstanding Gaelic Poets of his generation.
Le deagh dhurachd
With good Wishes

  • The 2018 Antigonish Highland Games weekend is Friday, July 6th, Saturday, July 7th and Sunday, July 8th. Please Note:  Our dates are a compromise reflecting Canada Day on the first Sunday of July and other tourist events in north eastern Nova Scotia. Our dates are different then originally stated. For that we apologize. We did attempt to reach a balance mindful of all north eastern Nova Scotia community events and the need to publish confirmed dates as early as possible. There are many events in north eastern Nova Scotia. To accommodate all  and celebrate our rich culture our communities and volunteers balanced individual community interests. Come enjoy our Highland Games, the Riverside Speedway races, the KitchenFest, Stan Rogers Festival, Broad Cove Festival and the many community suppers and activities on offer.  The Antigonish Highland Games weekend is  July 6th – 8th, 2018. The Games feature competitions in Piping, Drumming, Pipe Bands, Highland Dancing, a Tug-of-War competition and Ancient Scottish Heavy Events along with Concerts, Ceilidhs, Clan Gatherings and more.During Highland Games Week many events and activities take place throughout Antigonish Town & County. Our brochure and program outline all activities planned.
    Photo Credit: Wayne Ezekiel

    Photo Credit: Wayne Ezekiel

    The Antigonish Highland Games has built a worldwide reputation based on authenticity, attention to detail, and hospitality. The 155th Games will be no exception. The week long schedule will be jam packed with new and enhanced competitions featuring athletes, pipers, drummers, and highland dancers from across the country and around the world. There will also be the blend of Scottish flavoured ceilidhs, clan activities, and concerts.

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    LEASHED dogs are welcome to the Antigonish Highland Games, please pick up after your pets! Water is available in a dish beside Club 60 front entrance.

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