Wilena MacInnis Penny Award

Few exemplified more the spirit of love of the Gael than the late Wilena MacInnis Penny did.  Born in Cape George, she served the Antigonish Highland Society in many ways in addition to being the society’s first female President and then for several years Games Chairperson.

Wilena’s efforts helped sustain and invigorate the Highland Heart and gave an authentic voice to that which we are “Clanna Nan Giadheal” (Children of the Gael).

In recognition of her outstanding contribution to the preservation of Scottish Culture and tradition, this trophy donated in her memory is presented annually to the Premier Dancer from Antigonish Town or County who accumulates the highest number of total points in the Premier Competitions. Originally, this included all events held during the games with the exception of Pre-Championships, Championships, some special events, and Restricted Premier because some dancers were ineligible to compete in these events.  Today, the New Scotland Open Championship, the Florence MacMillan Flora Special Event and the Highland Heart Open Premiership contributes to the accumulations of points.

Year Name
1994 Stephanie Grant
1995 Valerie Chisholm (tie)
1995 Stephanie Grant (tie)
1995 Kara Spencer (tie)
1996 Jessica McKenna
1997 Valerie Chisholm
1998 Sabra MacGillivray
1999 Jessica McKenna (tie)
1999 Stephanie Grant (tie)
2000 Holly Arsenault
2001 Holly Arsenault
2002 Stephanie Grant
2003 Stephanie Grant
2004 Stephanie Grant
2005 Robin Scott
2006 Robin Scott
2007 Sarah McKenna
2008 Sarah McKenna
2009 Sarah McKenna
2010 Breanna Heffernan
2011 Lindsay MacCormick
2012 Lindsay MacCormick
2013 Erin Gilfoy
2014 Megan Smith
2015 Megan Smith
2016 Jaelyn Rovers