Tìr Nan Òg Registration – Cultural Events

Tìr Nan Òg, Gaelic for “Land of Eternal Youth” and is a great event that features healthy competition, cultural experiences and fun for children ages 5-12 years!
Children will get to participate in some cultural activities and workshops that include: Gaelic Song and Milling Frolic, Gaelic Language and Storytelling, Step Dancing, Piping and Drumming, and Making Oatcakes.

Cultural Workshops Presented by Central

  • Step Dancing: Learn a step or two to use at our ceilidhs.
  • Gaelic Storytelling & Language: Learn some Gaelic and hear a good story.
  • Piping: Learn all about the parts of the bagpipes and try to pick up the chanter.
  • Drumming: Learn how to hold the sticks, feel the rhythm, and beat the drum.
  • Making Oatcakes: Make and enjoy this delicious traditional food.
  • Gaelic Song & Milling Frolic: Learn a Gaelic song and participate in a traditional Milling Frolic.

*A complete description of the Cultural Workshops is available at the following link: “Land of Eternal Youth”

INFORMATION will be available online in late-June as well as sent home with all parents with children in the local schools with their report cards.