A Keppoch Wedding

Wedding  bells  are ringing out on the Keppoch this summer as Boston Bessie Beaton comes home with the Irish lad she wants to marry. With the church blown down, the marriage will take place in the Ceilidh house with Maggie and Joe MacLean hosting.

Bessie has a few ideas about the wedding but Maggie put herself in charge of everything from music to menus, so expect a few sparks to fly.

The piper, the fiddlers and the dancers are all lined up, the usual crowd is on hand and you never know who will come through the door. Squeeze onto the stairs or have a seat on the wood box, tune your ear for the Gaelic and we’ll show those Boston folks a Keppoch Wedding.

Presented July 4th, 5th, and 8th at Schwartz Auditorium (St. Francis Xavier Campus). Tickets can be purchased at Macdonald’s Convenience in St. Andrews and at the 5 cents to $1 store and Mackinnons Pharmasave in Antigonish.