2018 Saturday Evening “The Mudmen” are Under The Tent

Get on yer dancing slippers or your stompin’ boots its time to give ‘er on the floor with The Mudmen. The last time The Mudmen appeared on stage at the Games we packed her tight. There is no better rippin’ act in Canada that’ll have you bustin’ a step! These guys were the opening act for – The Guess Who, Nazareth, Finger Eleven, Biff Naked, Econoline Crush, David Usher, the lead singer of the alternative rock band Moist.

You’ve played with your Xbox and Playstation. The Mudmen’s music is in the games you play. If you watched NBC’S television show “The Black Donnelly’s”, yes, you’re right, that was once again the Mudmen contributing the music. A fan of WWE Wrestling, Don Cherry’s 9,19,20,21,24,27 hockey DVD’s, the Mackenzie Brothers TWO-FOUR special on CBC, HBO’s Shameless, HNIC Coach’s Corner (the Dale Hunter Tribute) again the music was Mudmen at their finest! The Mudmen also have 6 music videos on Much Music/MTV, and they’ve reached the top 20 on the edge radio. So, kick back and watch a few of their Youtube videos. Now do you see why we are saying come early to the tent.

In 2008 the Mudmen or the Campbell brothers were asked to perform CBC’s new “Hockey Night in Canada” theme song produced by Canadian Icon Bob Rock, where Ron MacLean quoted “Mudmen, We Love Em”. This lead to a 3 month tour, PBS specials and DVDs. Next, it was a performance at the Canadian Country Music Awards with Johnny Reid. Still not convinced to get to the tent early. OK, try this!

The Mudmen have appeared twice on Parliament Hill for Canada Day. They performed for the Queen, performed at the Edmonton Oilers home opener, have been seen on ceremonies CBC and performed at the Edmonton Oilers 84 Stanley Cup re-union with Wayne Gretzky and the full 84 Oilers Team. They have been on stage givin’ er with Sarah McLaughlin and with Red Ryder.

I can’t write all this, but if you’re still not convinced to get to the tent early well be prepared to miss out. This list is the Mudmen and the reason to get to the tent early!

List of Accomplishments: Mudmen / Campbell Brothers

-Signed with EMI Records from 2000-2004
-Reached #19 on the Edge Radio 2001
-6 music video’s in medium rotation on Much Music 2000 – 2004
-A song on NBC’s “Black Donnelly’s” commercials around 2005
-A song in WWE Wrestling for “The Highlanders” around 2007
-Bagpipers on the new “Hockey Night in Canada” theme song in 2008 -2014 -Ron McLean quote “Mudmen we love em”
-The Edmonton Oilers “Home Opener” televised 2009 -CBC interview after
-A three month tour with Johnny Reid, his PBS special and the CCMA’s televised with Johnny -2010
-Performed on Parliament Hill for Canada Day for the 2nd time and shook hands with The Queen -televised -2010
-Opened for George Canyon at the Commonwealth Stadium for all the Gold medals in Men’s and Women’s hockey at the Olympics almost all members including Sydney Crosby in attendance -2010
-Walk of Fame Ceremonies -closing act once at Roy Thompson Hall with Eugene Levy, Martin Short, Paul Shaffer, the Guess Who, Gordon Lightfoot, William Shatner, Gordie Howe
-Performed at the 83/84 Edmonton Oilers Reunion of the first Stanley Cup-televised with the whole team and Wayne Gretzky present
-Tourism Canada throughout Europe
-The Lighting of the CN Tower with Colm Wilkinson (the Phantom of the Opera)-Also did Roy Thompson Hall with Colm
-Private Party for the Governor General of Canada (Michaelle Jean) as well as the CBC Governor Generals Awards in 1998 with the Rankin’s, Bruce Cockburn and Royal Canadian Air Farce
-The McKenzie Brothers 24 Anniversary on CBC
-A song on Playstaion games
-Opened for The Guess Who, Nazareth, Finger Eleven, Biff Naked, Econoline Crush, David Usher, etc
-Don Cherry’s video’s #9,19,20,24 as well as 4 “Rose Cherry” benefit evenings
-Don and Ron mentioned “The Campbells/ Mudmen and played one of our songs during Coaches Corner 2012
-performed on the ET Canada Stage for the 2012/2013 New Years celebration in Niagara Falls
-the Mirvish Production of “Needfire” with Denny Doherty of the Momma’s and Poppa’s
-4 Grey Cup Parties, 3 Briers, the IIHF World Hockey Championships, the Memorial Cup twice, the Royal Bank Cup, Dauphins Countryfest 3 years in a row, Snow Jams Edge Fest, several Highland Games, etc
-corporate events for Coca Cola 3 times, Walmart 3 times (including flying us to Arkansas to be on a card with Jewel and Brookes and Dunn), about 7 Rona events, M&M Meats, the Weed Man, Sprint, Kodak, American Standard, The Easy Home Show, the Cosa Awards,