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A Keppoch Wedding:

Three Shows Wednesday, July 4th, Thursday, July 5, Sunday, July 8

Romance is in the Keppoch Mountain air this summer as stylish Boston Bessie Beaton brings home an Irish lad to marry. You can be sure there will be fiddles, dancing, stories and songs but with the church gone, the marriage will have to take place in the Ceilidh House with three generations of MacLeans hosting the big do.

Bessie has a list of ideas for as elegant an event as ever happened along Boston’s Charles River but you may be sure matriarch Maggie MacLean has organized a wedding or two in her days so sparks are apt to fly on the Keppoch.

Before the wedding can get underway the Keppoch folk have a long winter of news to catch up on. An Irishman from up the mountain brings a story of a ruckus at a dance and a MacDonald fiddler stops to try out a new tune. Michael Lauchie drops in to give a glowing report of his moonshine trial and the comforts of Antigonish jail. More importantly, he is in a new line of business which means the wedding, God help us, may be a dry one.

Next to visit is that damned, nosy Mountie who is starting to get on Dunc’s nerves, still investigating the disappearance of a wayward sheep with a crooked horn.

But never mind all that, the cast, musicians and crew are all back from past shows, the priest is on his way, the bride is getting dolled up and it is likely word of a wedding will draw out an odd character or two. If you’ve been with us for the ceilidh and the anniversary/wake, you certainly want to attend the wedding of the season. If you’re new to the Keppoch shows, pull up a chair, tune your ear for the Gaelic and enjoy the wit and warmth of highland hospitality.

The Society for the Ships of 1801 is pleased to announce that they will be presenting  A Keppoch Wedding at the Schwartz Centre on the St.FX campus.

The concert is set in a farmhouse at the Keppoch around 1940. This is about a hundred years after the Scottish and Irish immigrants settled the area.

It is not long before the singing, dancing, stories and music flows from the Ceilidh House. All this is interspersed with some local humor and a bit of conflict. In actual fact, the Ceilidh House played a major role in the social life of the community. It was where news, community gossip, and fun was shared, where young people developed relationships and friendships were formed and strengthened.

In this concert time-honoured songs, a few hits from past shows and several new traditional style “homemade” ballads help tell a great story. By now it is apparent the show must have a Gaelic story. You won’t be disappointed! The performing artists are back to celebrate A Keppoch Wedding. Come along and celebrate with them!