2018 A Keppoch Wedding

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The concert is presented by The Ships of 1801 Society.

The Ceilidh House is the beating heart of Scottish culture in the hills and harbours of northern and eastern Nova Scotia. Bagpipes, kilts, oatmeal porridge and whisky, or the water of life as some believed it,  are all captivating glimpses of the pioneering Scots’ story. It is often the humble Ceilidh House where oral tradition, community gossip, song, dance and stories keep alive a vibrant culture which has endured in story and song for almost 250 years. The 2018 Ships of 1801, Keppoch Concert, focuses on Bessie’s wedding to an Irish lad.

High on the mountain, neighbours are gathered for a wedding. The girls from Boston have come home. One with her Irish beau!  Joe, who clings stubbornly to the Gaelic, and his razor-tongued wife, Maggie are back.  The burdens of hard toil and family struggles slip there bounds as a wedding brings the family together for an evening of stories, songs, wit, humour and the occasional burst of sarcasm.

Many of the Ships of 1801’s original performers are returning to the stage and we also welcome a few new additions for this two- hour show, to be presented at the Schwartz auditorium on ST. FX campus, July 4th, 5th, and 8th. Doors open at 7 pm with show time at 7:30 pm. Admission is $25 adults and $10 youths under 10. Parking is available on campus and in St. Ninian’s parking lot.

Please note: There will be no Saturday evening concert in 2018.