Florence MacMillan Memorial Award

Special Event Flora MacDonald’s Fancy

Florence MacMillan was a premier dancing instructor in Antigonish who brought champion dancers like Mabel MacInnis, Gerarda MacDonald, Janice Macquarrie and Patsy MacAdam into prominence. She bucked the dancing establishment with her methods and eventually saw her students win seven out of eight provincial qualifying berths for the 1968 national championships. However she did more than just instruct,  she motivated her first generation of advanced highland dancers,  mainly Janice MacQuarrie and Gerada Macdonald to excel as teachers and choreographers. Because of Florence, her students and now their students, Antigonish can make some legitimate claims for excellence in Highland dance. The Florence MacMillan trophy is presented to the Premier dancer from the Maritimes who performs the best Flora MacDonald Fancy at the Games. An appropriate dance commemorating a well-loved personality.

Year Name Hometown
1967 Gerarda MacDonald Antigonish, NS
1968 Gerarda MacDonald Antigonish, NS
1969 Janice MacQuarrie Doctor’s Brook, NS
1970 Gerarda MacDonald Antigonish, NS
1971 Rita Lynn MacDougall Antigonish, NS
1972 Debbie Robson Stellarton, NS
1973 Sheila MacNeil Niagara Falls, ON
1974 Clare Kiely Antigonish, NS
1975 Kathy MacKinnon Toronto, ON
1976 Sherrie Green New Glasgow, NS
1977 Debbie Robson Stellarton, NS
1978 Heather MacKinnon Toronto, ON
1979 Patti Ann MacLeod Port Hawkesbury, NS
1980 Clare Kiely Antigonish, NS
1981 Clare Kiely Antigonish, NS
1982 Patti Ann MacLeod Port Hawkesbury, NS
1983 Sherrie Lynn Murray Scotsburn, NS
1984 Clare Kiely Antigonish, NS
1985 Jennifer Richardson Stellarton, NS
1986 Donna Cameron Antigonish, NS
1987 Donna Cameron Antigonish, NS
1988 Michelle MacGillivray Antigonish, NS
1989 Michelle MacGillivray Antigonish, NS
1990 Donna Cameron Antigonish, NS
1991 Michelle MacGillivray Antigonish, NS
1992 Jesselyn Petrie Glendale, NS
1993 Sabra MacGillivray Lanark, NS
1994 Sabra MacGillivray Lanark, NS
1995 Sabra MacGillivray Lanark, NS
1996 Sara Cluett Port Hawkesbury, NS
1997 Sabra MacGillivray Lanark, NS
1998 Sabra MacGillivray Lanark, NS
1999 Stephanie Grant Antigonish, NS
2000 Stephanie Grant Antigonish, NS
2001 Stephanie Turnbull Truro, NS
2002 Stephanie Grant Antigonish, NS
2003 Stephanie Grant Antigonish, NS
2004 Stephanie Grant Antigonish, NS
2005 Stephanie Turnbull Truro, NS
2006 Sarah McKenna Antigonish, NS
2007 Stephanie Grant Antigonish, NS
2008 Sarah McKenna Antigonish, NS
2009 Sarah McKenna Antigonish, NS
2010 Sara McKegney Bedford, NS
2011 Victoria Boily Dartmouth, NS
2012 Jillian MacLeod Antigonish, NS
2013 Sara McKegney Bedford, NS
2014 Leah Campbell St. Peter’s, NS
2015 Robin Scott Antigonish, NS
2016 Shelby Lynne Dalziel Cornwall, PE