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Antigonish Highland Games and Highland Bike Shop have partnered with Bicycle Nova Scotia and Roadents Competitive Cycling to present two days of bike races:

  • a Criterium on Saturday, June 30, and
  • a Time Trial plus
  • a new road race on Sunday, July 1.

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2019 TWO-DAY BIKE EVENT: Criterium, Time Trial and Road Race

As the first official competitions of the 2019 Antigonish Highland Games, the Turbocrit and Highland Stage Race are challenging bicycle competitions featuring local riders and the best from the Maritimes. This exciting weekend of races is presented by Antigonish Highland Games, promoted by Highland Bike Shop, sanctioned by Bicycle Nova Scotia, and organized by Roadents Competitive Cycling.



A criterium is a high-energy bike race consisting of several laps around a short circuit closed to vehicular traffic. Riverside Speedway has provided their 500-metre track to test muscle and determination for a road bike competition normally seen at velodromes. In addition to a brief clinic about track racing, there will be casual races for kids and others who wish to ride the track at a less intense pace.


The Turbocrit features four types of short races. Final classification is based on total ranking points earned in each race.

  • Flying Sprint: 1-lap flying start followed by 1 timed lap, one rider at a time;
  • Chariot Race: 1 lap of several riders beginning from a standing start;
  • Elimination Race: mass start commencing with 3 neutral laps followed by removing the last rider to cross the timing line each lap until only one rider remains;
  • Points Race: several laps (10-25) where points are won every few laps by the first three to cross the timing line.



The Highland Stage Race consists of a time trial and a road race. Final classification is based on total time combined, though participants may enter in either one of the two stages. Again, Riverside Speedway has provided their facility for the day and is the site of the finish line for the road race.


The time trial is the first stage where individuals depart at regular intervals. Drafting is not permitted. Riders begin on Highway 4 at the Beaver Meadow intersection and head out to Marshy Hope and back. Turning right on Beaver Meadow Road and across the overpass crossing of the 104, each competitor turns right again on Beaver Mountain Road and pushes hard up to the top of the hill to finish at the provincial park. Time trial equipment is not obligatory to participate in this race.


There will be a brief break between stages.


The road race is the second stage of the day. Cyclists will complete 1 to 4 laps, depending on their category, starting from Riverside and following Highway 4 and through the two roundabouts before returning to Riverside via Addington Forks and Beaver Meadow Roads. The road race concludes at Riverside with 1.5 laps around the track, similarly to the finish of the famous Paris-Roubaix race in France.



Categories will be grouped as follows and will race together; however, they will be timed and ranked separately. For reference, approximate times to do the Cape George Race are bracketed.

  • A (2 hours)
  • B, AF, U19M (2 hours 15 minutes)
  • C, BF (2 hours 30 minutes)
  • D, CF, U19F (2 hours 45 minutes)
  • U13, U15, U17 (youth categories)
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